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Shiba Inu Care

Updated: Jun 23, 2023



The Shiba Inu breed is renowned for its alertness and intelligence. Its double coat is composed of a soft, dense undercoat and a straight, hard overcoat, somewhat longer on the tail, normally with a red coloring. These dogs possess acute senses, and are able to jump quite high. Ever vigilant and extremely patient, Shiba Inu would make great guard dogs. Male Shiba Inu can grow up anywhere from 15 to 16 inches and should weight at least 20 lbs with a health diet. Females can grow anywhere from 14 to 15 inches and should weight at least 18 lbs with a healthy diet.

Training and Exercise

Shiba Inu should get daily exercise for about 30 minutes to an hour either by lead or free roam in a decent sized backyard. Shibas are fiercely loyal and obedient to its master so if a relationship has been set early on it should be fairly easy to train.

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