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Pomeranian Care


Pomeranians are intelligent, agile, cheerful and quite friendly. At time they can all be curious, slightly noisy and easily excited. Despite its size they make a brave watchdog and are obedient to its owner.

Male and Female Pomeranians can grow upto 7 Inches in length and weight about 3 to 7 pounds.

Pomeranians usually have a life span of nine to eleven years.

Care and Exercise

Brushing of the coat should be done daily to keep their coat tame. Sprinkling a small amount of baby powder and slightly wetting the coat before brushing will help maintain and making brushing easier. If possible start pups young with teeth brushing and keep up treatment weekly.

Due to size this breed does not need that much exercise. If playing outside always make sure pup has easy access to water.

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